What is Sunara?


Our story begins in 1916, when our grandfather, Rufino Mirayo, opened the doors of the first atelier. Much has happened since then, and little remains of the Madrid of those days. Beginnings are never easy, but based on tenacity and passion for work well done, our grandfather grew its small craft business up to 50 employees and three locations in the best areas of Madrid.

Rufino Mirayo. The Origins

When our grandfather died, our parents and uncles assumed the task of relieving him. The illusion and responsibility that they have shown in that tough duty, has allowed us to keep developing our passion for jewelry.

Now, our moment to take the challenge has arrived. It´s time to make our contribution to the great legacy of our grandfather. We want to innovate not only in our image but also in our way of making jewelry. On the other hand, we´ll never give up on the craftsmanship that we have learnt from the crib. It was precisely this marriage of craftsmanship and innovation that allowed us to conceive SUNARA. A new online jewelry brand that will always remain attached to the tradition of Mirayo.

The Present

Sunara has born as a new alternative in jewelry, offering through our website innovative designs that combines exclusivity and the craftsmanship that we have inherited from our grandfather. All our collections are limited editions. We will only manufacture a few dozens of units of each design (maximum 100 units). As well, all the pieces that you´ll see in our website have been both designed and manufactured in our own atelier. This craftsman touch allows us to accompany each piece with our quality certificate and our warranty, which demonstrate the not only of the materials that compone each gem but also of its manufacturing process.

Sunara. The Present

Our website is designed to know you better and to permanently offer you gems always aligned with your expectations. We promise not to disappoint you. Welcome to our home. We hope you enjoy the visit.

The Future

Sunara. The Future

The best is yet to come

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