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Jewelry has evolved in recent years. Its evolution has made silver the metal preferred by a large number of women who bet on riskier, high quality and more affordable pieces. These notes are what characterize our Sunara Silver collection. The quality of the more than 100 years of experience, the innovation in the design that characterizes Sunara and the charm of the best silver.


The most scruffy neighborhood in the capital inspires the most scoundrel collection in Sunara. The the terraces of San Ildefonso, the evenings in Dos de Mayo and the irresistible wobble of the streets Pez or Espíritu Santo inspire a collection marked by minimalism, audacity and an irresistible quality. Between the corners of Malasaña, in the corner of Fuencarral with San Joaquin, many of these designs saw the light. In honor of its origin and this unique neighborhood that inspired them, we present this collection thought for the most daring women.


This Madrid, traditional but of sinuous streets. Elegant and mischievous in its nights, but hectic and disheveled in its mornings. The one that defines the "cats" and make the turists the tourists sigh. The neighborhood that our grandfather walked without ceasing, looking for ideas and visiting its suppliers, some of which keep having their shops and offices in the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor. A unique and bright Madrid, evokes a collection designed for the most special occasions. For those moments when the jewels convey better than words. And, precisely on those occasions, nothing better than a jewel for life.


This traditional borough of Madrid was born In the lap of the humanist Beatriz Galindo. It rubs shoulders with the Austrians, the bustle of its Cavas, the life of Mercado de la Cebada and the historic feel of Puerta de Toledo. We inspired in this borough to create a modern and casual collection with the same exclusivity that their partners but with a closer vocation. Get in, get to know it. You will not regret.


Among Becquer, Sorolla and the artists of the New Apollo rests Tirso. An ancient triangle that has recently become an icon of Madrid. In its essence and its transgressive artistic touch we have found the inspiration to offer this limited edition of designs that combine audacity and tradition.


Beautiful gardens on a hill looking at the Manzanares River. These gardens owe their name to these unique view of Madrid's urban landscape that they give away every day. Such a unique way of showing us Madrid has inspired us to create a limited edition that shows our most artistic essence. 15 pieces of each design make unique every opportunity to be part of this collection.


Egyptian temple born 2200 years ago on the banks of the Nile, in a region known as the "Gold Country". After floods, erosion and a long trip to Madrid, there is still shining, in the heart of the city. In this collection we want to show the perseverance that coexists with innovation and design in the heart of Sunara. We will never stop creating, in our attempt to surprise every day. Debod is a limited edition of designs that seek to go beyond and that journey can only be enjoyed with some of the five pieces per design.


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