Sunara Reward Point Program

Sunara Reward Pointprogram allows you to accumulate points por every purchase you do. Those points can be redeemed by discounts in further purchases.

The operation is very simple: for every purchase you do, you accumulate in your account the same amount of Sunara Points of your amount purchase, after applying the allowable discounts:

1 Euro = 1 Sunara Point

You can use your Sunara Points if further purchases, so that every 10 Sunara Points are equivalet to 1 Euro off in your purchase:

10 Sunara Points = 1 Euro

There is just one limit: your discount for redeeming Sunara Points can't be higher than 20% of your puchase amouont, after aplying the allowable discounts.

If you have signed up, you can start accumulating Sunara Points in your account from this point. If you haven't already done it, it may be a good moment to do so and begin to enjoy special discounts.

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